Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CPS Band and Orchestra Contest - Scores and Live Adjudicator Commentary

Below is a link to adjudicator scores for the 2013, 2011, 2010, and 2009 CPS Band and Orchestra Contests.  We received Honors Superior Ratings 3 of the 4 years.  Our 2010 performance of Soon Hee Newbold's Perseus and Dmitri Shostakovich's Sinfonia for Strings garnered a Superior Rating and due to ACT Testing conflicts, we were unable to participate in the 2012 contest.

CPS Band and Orchestra Contest -- Adjudicator Scores and Comments

I've included below recordings of live adjudicator commentary from the 2009 and 2013 CPS Band and Orchestra Contests.

2013 CPS Band and Orchestra Contest -- Live Adjudicator Commentary

2010 CPS Band and Orchestra Contest -- Live Adjudicator Commentary

Some of the adjudicator comments made on the recordings include:

“The opening aesthetic of this is remarkable; it’s very well done.”

“Good intonation.”

“Bravo...very nice...very very talented musicians.”

"I apologize for not talking very much, I’m just really enjoying this performance.”

"I can tell orchestra members that you have all prepared yourselves well."

“So talented...doing things very well...I just need a little more contrast.”

"That is some difficult repertoire for those students, but it didn't sound difficult at all."

"Quite impressive."

"The C# minor chord there at the end was nicely in tune. Congratulations, it's a challenging piece."

"Cellos and basses, you're doing very nicely with the intonation on those lower parts. What makes the orchestra sound really well in tune is the fact that you're in tune."

"Nice bowing techniques...wrist motion, use of bow,'s very uniform."

"Cellos left hands look beautiful...well taught...excellent technique."

"I like the fact that you're switching 1st and 2nd violinists around. That's really good. It gives everybody the opportunity to play both parts and develops the concept in students that both sections are equally important."

"I really enjoyed that performance thoroughly."

"Try to achieve a little more evenness in the articulation of sixteenth notes."

"You watch the conductor well...good sense of musical alignment."

"Greater dynamic contrast to give the music a little more excitement."

"Good balance in the violins and violas."

"Excellent music. Excellent ensemble."

"Excellent sense of pulse...good tempos."

"The ensemble plays with lots of accuracy."

"Good bowing style."

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