Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Digital Audio Workstation - It's All in the Picture

I love this picture.  It's why I wrote a little something about the power of digital audio synthesis.

In most high school music programs if you don't play an instrument there is no place for you, sans a general music class or something akin to music appreciation.  Perhaps the most creative outlet for non-performance students is rooted in the use of a digital audio workstation; something that more and more high schools are investing in, but not enough.  Never has there been a time in the history of music technology where someone could make a full length album, ripe with just about every sound imaginable, in a bedroom or basement - without having to spend thousands of dollars.  Why can't this music making take place in a more formal setting - like a music classroom - where the music educator can teach the fundamentals of music production and creation.  

There is something very liberating about triggering the sound of just about any instrument ever known to man with the simple stroke of a finger.  Why not liberate our students from fear or indifference of music creation by providing these digital audio workstations for them to explore and play with?  After all, isn't learning most fun when play and exploration is at the fore of an experience?  

Food for thought.  

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