Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Letter From Rory

13 years into teaching and I still question a good deal of what I do pedagogically.  I question whether 17 more years of teaching is in even within my capacity.  This is a difficult job.

Often times, I look for strength in my students to keep me going and knock sense into me that teaching is indeed my calling.  I received the following letter from a student who exemplifies what any teacher would hope for in a student and father in a daughter.

This letter provides strength and resolve within me to carry forward.  Thank you Rory for the kind words.

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Harold said...

Tremendous letter! It is amazing how little we realize how much we reach our students. I love it when a student comes back to see me and tells me how much they got out of my class. I teach Pre-K through 8th grade general music. In the fifth grade my scholars learn "Fifty Nifty United States" by Ray Charles (not THAT Ray Charles). a students came back to visit. She told me she just took a test in 11th grade American History where she had to name the states in alphabetical order. She said all she kept thinking about was that "stupid song you made us sing over and over!". When I asked how she did on the test she said 100%!! Outstanding.